Server Time:  (GMT +2)
Promotional Video:
    Update + 30 mins downtime

UPDATE: The anti ddos company does not respond and Anti exploit is afk... So we cannot move the server yet... (great when people dont show up...)

The update will be delayed some hours (but we will announce it ingame ofcourse)

The server will be down tomorrow for a small series of patches:

- Elixer drop 50%
- Swap some Server Querys to smoothen the server ( less delay )
- Mall pets are now all tradable
- Coins are x 2.5 for normal trades
- Special goods will be nerfed a little bit
- Union limit to 3 (all guilds more then 3 will be deleted from the union)
- Lost pet items will be rewarded
- A list of beta players who gain a reward for testing will be released

This will take approx 30 mins downtime when Our anti DDOS and Exploit are ready.

More info and updates will follow when we got some time left.

Devias Team

Posted by: insane

    Devias LIVE!

Finally we are officially online!

Old beta players will get their reward within some days. 

Donations are working and Gms are slowly logging in and fulfill their tasks.

Have fun!



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    Devias Online!

Hey to all old and new players! 

Every single day people ask me when i put devias back. 

I gave my files to several people but none succeeded to make a good safe devias as we did. 


Finally the day has come a Philepean guy asked my help and he managed it. 

Now i finally found someone who has the skill to setup the files and has a close team of friends living nearby. 

As you guys know.. i dont trust anybody only real life friends with GM rights and my power tools. 


Now were setting up the client with several tweaks to make it better. 

(we got a todo list with 17 points like limit unions/guilds etc and rewrite the coin system) 

We hope to do some testing as a beta before we go full online. 


More info about a beta will be here in the next days. 

Ofcourse we will have enemy`s and people who dont like our success but as always will we solve it. (i got a lot of badass friends still ^^) 

DDOS, Exploits etc etc will be a part of this but theres Beta for ^^ 


Thanks to all the players who made the old devias a nice server and il hope we can recreate the good community as we had before. (Xun, Acro,  Archio, Panda and i probably forget a lot more known players are already waiting for this server ) 

Il keep you guys informed the next days with updates. 


Posted by: Insane

Total players online: 493/1000

The next fortress war will be:

Sunday 20:30

Occupied Forts:
Hotan:DevilsTax: 20%
Jangan:NustomberTax: 0%
Bandit:NoneTax: 0%